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    New album
    NTO x Sofiane Pamart - Gagne le vinyle issu du test pressing
    A unique concert, on 15/11/2024 at the Phantom (Paris), featuring NTO and Sofiane Pamart playing the album FOREVER FRIENDS.
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    PARIS - PHANTOM - 15/11/24 - 23H-6H
    PARIS - PHANTOM - 15/11/24 - 23H-6H
    PARIS - PHANTOM - 15/11/24 - 23H-6H
    PARIS - PHANTOM - 15/11/24 - 23H-6H
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    Forever friends is more than an album; it's a manifesto. It is our homage to the eternal bond that music can forge between souls. A testament to the idea that, despite our differences, there exists a universal language that unites us all inharmony and understanding.

    Through the fusion of electronic music and the art of piano, we weave a tapestry of sound that mirrors the complexity and beauty of human relationships. We believe in the indomitable values of friendship and the sacred act of standing by those you hold dear.

    We believe in the power of loyalty, we believe in the strength found in fraternity, we believe infighting for those we love. In the journey of life, no one should walk alone. honor your friends. Listen to their silences, you will hear the echo of your own solitude. In the chaos of life, what we build together between human beings gives our stories meaning, hope, and brightness. A real friend will make you feel that, forever, you are not alone anymore.

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